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Meet our forward-thinking team

Co-founder and CTO

Chiara Mugnai

She was so lazy, she started using Artificial Intelligence to teach computers to solve problems in her place. She has a lot of hobbies: singing, writing, reading, free-climbing, listening to podcasts, opera, musical theatre, throwing parties.
Before Eoliann, Chiara worked as a Data Scientist in a startup in London.
Co-founder and CPO

Emidio Granito

Industry 4.0 Engineer from Politecnico di Milano, extremely passionate about Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the world.
Before Eoliann, Emidio worked on AI models applied to Real Estate contractors, and participated to nonprofit organisations promoting education to entrepreneurship worldwide.
Co-founder and CIO

Giovanni Luddeni

Aerospace engineer, passionate about physics and computer science.
Before Eoliann, he had experiences in ML-enabled industrial controls and started a PhD program in applied superconductivity, but as Roberto says: “If you’re offered a seat in Eoliann, just get on!”
He definitely is the silly one.
Co-founder and CEO

Roberto Carnicelli

Forward-thinking business guy that acts in line with the words of Shryl Sandberg: “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on”
Before Eoliann, Roberto worked in strategy consulting and corporate entrepreneurship. When you meet him be aware, he is a great voice impressionist.
Head of People

Alessandro Bettuzzi

Wannabe Agilist, constantly looking for the best way to spend less time doing the wrong (and boring) thing.
Before Eoliann, Alessandro was on the other side mentoring startups on Agile principles and team culture.


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