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Our manifesto

We crave a world where capable people leverage technology to improve society’s safety from natural events


Who we are:


We are methodical and quantitative. We make hypotheses and test them carefully. We want our results to be accurate and adhere to scientific methodology.


We constantly and passionately practice to improve. No idea is too weird to be ignored, we’re creatives, we seek novel ways to combine ideas.


A bit of adventure is part of our everyday life, we embrace the journey and we’re not scared of sudden changes. We keep going through different winds until we reach our final destination.


We are genuine hard workers, every day we follow our projects from A to Z, towards a big goal. For us, every single brick is equally important to build a house.


1. Meaning and Direction

  • We perceive our work as a part of what gives meaning to our lives.
  • We want to have a lasting impact on the world and work on what the world needs the most.
  • We keep the big picture in check, when we plan our work.
  • We do not sacrifice long-term results for short-term goals.
  • We focus on what we are building now, but we constantly ask ourselves whether or not our work contributes to the big picture.
  • We constantly review our grand plan. If we think some tasks are no longer useful, we are not afraid to eliminate them.

2. Integrity

We cannot back out from pursuing the choices we believe are fair. We seek justice at any level to be true to our values and to send a message of support for the things that matter. We always act respecting the opinions and actions of colleagues, fostering a culture of equality, respect, and tolerance.

  • We discuss important things until everyone understands each other’s opinions, without compromising, to define company policies
  • We’re not afraid of disagreement and we do that in a respectful way
  • We trust all Eolianners, there’s no need for complex control structures

3. Genuineness

We act plainly, say what we think, and do what we say. We uphold freedom of action at any level; we strongly encourage taking responsibility and being accountable for the consequences. We strive to express ourselves without limitations and encourage people around us to do the same. Everyone is different in unique ways, and we deeply believe this is our strength. It is good to be weird.

  • Psychological safety for everyone in the company is our top priority
  • We encourage people to express their unique personality without judgment
  • We are proud of ourselves, confident in our skills, we feel the responsibility to speak up

4. Passion

We love a life full of thrills and stimulation. We are curious by nature, embrace novelty and like to be challenged. We seek deep feelings about ideas, activities, and people. We share those feelings and feed each other’s passion, to make working satisfactory and productive. Passion is a fire that burns inside and ignites our actions.

  • We are willing to discuss and listen our personal and other’s passions
  • We look for innovative ways, we use creativity
  • We put energy in our work, aiming to always delivery the best job possible

5. Growth

There is no limit to growth: mistakes make us wiser. There is always something to learn that will help us to constantly evolve. We seek growth as individuals  and as a team; we collaborate and support each other to achieve excellent results, even if it means to deal with less likable tasks. We seek feedback from everyone, independently of the role, to feed our growth.

  • We take unknown tasks as an opportunity for learning
  • If a team member needs support with a task, we offer help regardless of our knowledge on the matter
  • We seek different opinions on the job, to be sure to have the best output possible

6. Wellbeing

To be well and feel well is the first condition for happiness and productivity. We make sure the health and well-being of everyone remain a top priority. We take care of ourselves and others around us, always looking to build a great workplace and respect work-life balance.

  • Everyone is entitled to set aside some time of the day or the week to pursue their wellbeing
  • The office should be kept clean, it should be a place people are happy to come to
  • Conversations are frank, but respectful of differences


A team of dreamers with an ambitious project: to leverage cutting-edge technology and research to forecast impact and probability of those events better than anyone else.

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