We help financial institutions forecast climate risks


Building climate resiliency from the sky

Thanks to satellite data and proprietary ML algorithms we help financial institutions forecast probability and impact of climate risks


Making the unpredictable, predictable

Extreme weather events have increased by 345% in the last 50 years because of urbanization and climate change, decreasing the effectiveness of traditional risk management techniques


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To become partners of our clients


We side Insurers in the estimation of climate events probability and impact for policies' creation and pricing



We help banks get ready for EBA Pillar 3 disclosures on ESG risks, which include climate physical risks



We support consultancies with an innovative platform to optimize risk assessment services for their clients


Offering the most comprehensive choice

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01 Real time analysis

02 Street-level granularity

03 Multiple risks aggregation

04 Full integration with clients' portfolio

05 Preventative assessment

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Roberto Carnicelli

Chiara Mugnai

Backed by three passionate founders


"our eye to details"

"our forward thinking voice"

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Giovanni Luddeni

"our inventive mind"

The start

We are an innovative startup founded in 2022 by three professionals specialized in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and strategy for the financial sector

The direction

With the support of Vento (Exor’s venture originator) and Primo Space (venture capital fund) we aim to disrupt the climate fintech sector and become the enabler of climate resiliency

The compass

Climate is changing. This is inevitable. Resiliency will be crucial. Our goal is to make climate analytics accurate and accessible leveraging advanced technologies

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Our Partners


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