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Life at Eoliann

Our Purpose

Doing it better than anyone else

Extreme weather events have increased by 345% in the last 50 years because of urbanization and climate change, causing an aggregated economic loss of $5,2 trillion.
We believe this loss can be avoided.

We are a team of dreamers with an ambitious project: to leverage cutting-edge technology and research to forecast impact and probability of those events better than anyone else.

What makes us unique
Deep learning, satellite data analysis, mathematical modeling, physics simulation… knowledge and expertise from different fields need to be deployed to tackle this problem.

We believe the answer won’t come from any of these singularly, but rather from their combination. It’s like a big puzzle, all the pieces are out there and they need to be put together. We’re not scared of mixing things up and being unconventional.

Open Positions

Open positions are just a map, this doesn’t mean that other routes will not bring to the same result in a better way; if you do not find an open position that suits you, no problem, we have a “spontaneous application” call down below just for that.

Spontaneous application


Our approach is multidisciplinary and research-oriented, we strongly encourage knowledge sharing across different research fields.
No matter your working preferences, we respect the way you work and make sure you feel comfortable. You’re always free to express your opinion, and we kindly encourage you to do so.

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What you need to know

People-centered culture

The well-being of all team members is our top priority. Your personal life needs and goals will be seriously taken into consideration in company decisions. We want to build an inclusive work environment and thrive with a diverse workforce; we are committed to the well-being of all team members. These values are reflected in every phase of our operations.

Talented, like-minded colleagues

Talent and excellence of each Eoliann team member is what we are most proud of. By joining the team, you will grow with some of the brightest people you will ever meet. Your talents will flourish.

Shaping the organization and evolving your role

Dynamism is crucial to every company and person. We see Eoliann as an ever-evolving creature that adapts to the needs of people inside and outside the company. If you have not yet found something that suits you, now is the time to build it together.

Flexible schedule and remote working

We are flexible about work arrangements: we try to make the best use of in-presence attendance and to make the office experience worth living, but people can still work from home when needed.

Advanced, state-of-the-art tools and technologies

We are science lovers, in a research-oriented tech company: you will have the opportunity to work on both the most cutting-edge software and with best practices. The greatest software is made by keeping ourselves updated in the fields of AI, ML and software development; we experience and adopt the best agile methodologies to keep our work engaging and deliver a great product. We believe that tech skills gained at Eoliann should be transferable to any other great technology company, and we pursue this goal. You will have a personal laptop, access to cloud resources for challenging computation, and you will take part in Eoliann’s Research Reading Club.

Competitive salary

Each team member plays a key role in Eoliann’s growth. Our compensation package is highly competitive and can grow rapidly, depending on performance and seniority.

Unlimited coffee

We also have tea and other beverages for Chiara and other aliens who don’t drink coffee.

What to expect every day

Working with us can be quite cool. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s going on in our office:

  • We bring healthy snacks for everyone
  • Our legendary electric coffee machine is always on
  • We usually have lunch together at OGR Tech Refectory, we have extra cutlery and spices just in case
  • We encourage everyone to take care of their health, you’ll be prompted to take breaks and to use our standing desks sometimes
  • We support continuous learning and we are starting a common library. We’ll buy any book you’d like to read
  • We love sharing our most artistic side with each other
  • We have board games
  • We’re in for a drink after work

We have just started our journey, so we can’t tell you much more, but we want to become the best place to work in the world and we want you to be the protagonist.

We’re sure you’ll bring your own energy and personality in the mix and make Eoliann a place that fits you perfectly

Join our journey to a data-driven resilient future.

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To researchers

and universities

We have already arranged the opportunity for student internships with PoliMi, PoliTo and Bocconi University.

Please get in touch if you think we could partner for research purposes.

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AI Climate Resilience

from the sky

Our API helps decision makers manage financial, economic and social impact of natural catastrophes, with satellite data and cutting-edge proprietary ML algorithms.

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