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Enabling climate protection for natcat insurance policies

Predictive Modeling

We help Insurers better assess their exposure to the risk of extreme natural events

The extreme instability of climate, linked to rising intensity and frequency of impactful events, makes historical data and statistics from current models inadequate for future claims projections.

Eoliann leverages satellite data and in-house machine learning algorithms to improve the estimation of the probability and impact of natural disasters, integrating big data, advanced analytics and predictive modeling. 

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The challenge of climate

risk prediction

Over the past 50 years, extreme weather events have increased by 345% due to urbanization and climate change. As climate events increase, the damages generated by those events become increasingly volatile, making prediction extremely difficult:


Insurance companies’ underestimation of the economic impacts of natural events in 2021 (from the S&P report)

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Climate Impact


Maximizing the insurance response to climate changes with AI

We’re developing risk prediction models that are effective in capturing and testing climate-related risks, to help insurance companies with pricing and underwriting decisions to mitigate the impact of extreme weather events over the long term.

With the huge potential of our algorithms, insurance industry can:

  • better assess the risk exposure of their portfolio
  • improve capital allocation, risk selection and pricing
  • expand policy creation opportunities

AI Climate Resilience

from the sky

Our API helps decision makers manage financial, economic and social impact of natural catastrophes, with satellite data and cutting-edge proprietary ML algorithms.

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Discover how Eoliann helps businesses make informed, data-driven decisions to reduce the physical climate risk exposure of their assets.

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Get in touch and learn how climate data from satellites can be used in new risk modeling and enhance insurance response to climate change: