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Enabling climate impact resilience of E&U sectors

E&U’s resilience: an urgent need

The challenge of climate risk prediction

The energy sector, as well as other utility infrastructures, is particularly affected by the impact of natural disasters on the energy supply chain, comprising factories, power plants, distribution systems, energy networks, utilities, operators.

This sector must be failsafe as it’s necessary to fulfill the power and energy demands of cities and other industries. Therefore, it is imperative to enhance its resilience to extreme natural hazards by providing smart data for preventive and strategic decision-making.

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Providing predictive analysis

to Energy & Utilities companies

Businesses across the utility industry are facing major challenges: floods, severe landslides, wildfires and droughts all affect power generation facilities and their efficiency.

Not to mention that for renewable energy sources, solar and wind, changing weather conditions are affecting power generation capabilities.

With Eoliann’s API, Energy players and Infrastructures organizations can improve the estimation of the probability and impact of climate risks, thanks to learning algorithms and reliable data extracted from satellites.

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Climate assessment


Enhancing the Infrastructures response to natural catastrophes with AI

We are devising risk prediction models that are effective in understanding and assessing climate-related risks to help energy and utilities companies make informed decisions to minimize the impact of extreme natural events over the long term.

With the huge potential of our algorithms, the Energy & Utilities industry can:

  • keep track of the exposure of the infrastructures to natural catastrophes, to guarantee the continuity of energy distribution
  • take measures to preserve the reliability, efficiency and sustainability of the energy production
  • predict and prevent power outages that can be caused by unfavorable weather conditions
  • collect insights prior to selecting a site for the installation of renewable power generation plants, to optimize energy efficiency as well as power output

AI Climate Resilience

from the sky

Our API helps decision makers manage financial, economic and social impact of natural catastrophes, with satellite data and cutting-edge proprietary ML algorithms.

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Discover how Eoliann helps businesses make informed, data-driven decisions to reduce the physical climate risk exposure of their assets.

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