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Making finance more resilient to climate change

Relevant Data Analysis

We work alongside the financial system to strengthen its resilience to physical climate change risk

While the European Banking Authority has published the final draft of Pillar 3 reporting on ESG risks, which includes quantitative reporting of climate change physical risk, most banking institutions still lack reliable climate risk predictive models and relevant data.

According to the European Central Banks, more than 30% of the banking credit portfolio to corporations is exposed to climate risk. About 60 % of banks do not use a robust stress-testing framework and do not include climate risk in their credit risk models, while only 20% list it as a variable in the granting of loans.

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The challenge of climate

risk assessment

Banks, credit and financial scoring agencies need to act fast and equip themselves with the most advanced tools to measure and manage climate risk, filling current data gaps and adopting best practices thanks to the most advanced technologies dealing with climate-related emerging risks.

Eoliann leverages satellite data and in-house machine learning algorithms to help financial institutions predict the likelihood and impact of climate risk events within the credit evaluation processes, by providing an API that integrates big data, advanced analytics and predictive models.

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Climate Impact


Enhancing the financial management of climate impact

We are developing advanced technologies and useful processes to support banks in assessing the impact of possible climate scenarios and managing their climate risk exposures.

With the enormous advantages of algorithms, we allow banks to:

  • enhance risk monitoring and mitigation
  • assess the exposure of their portfolio
  • improve capital allocation
  • take preventive measures before issuing loans
  • prepare for the coming legislation

AI Climate Resilience

from the sky

Our API helps decision makers manage financial, economic and social impact of natural catastrophes, with satellite data and cutting-edge proprietary ML algorithms.

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Discover how Eoliann helps businesses make informed, data-driven decisions to reduce the physical climate risk exposure of their assets.

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