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Boosting climate risk evaluation for consultancies

Predictive Algorithms

We support consulting firms in optimizing risk assessment services for their business clients

Financial Services identify environmental and climate change issues as a key emerging risk over the next five years.

With Eoliann’s solutions, consulting firms can support their clients in defining preventive climate risk strategies, using quantitative methodologies and reliable data extracted from satellites and analyzed by machine learning algorithms.

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The challenge of climate


Climate change risks will cause a range of negative impacts on businesses, both operationally and strategically. They may affect competitiveness and profits, regulations and litigation, reputation and product demand, or increase insurance costs.

Likewise, climate change may be a source of new business opportunities; therefore, it will be essential to study and manage it.

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Weather Impact


Helping the businesses adaptation to environmental risks

Companies’ exposure and vulnerability to climate risks varies depending on their business and the industry in which they operate. By integrating big data and predictive analytics, we help consulting firms manage these critical issues for their clients.

With the enormous potential of algorithms, we support the ESG Consulting Industry in improving climate risk resilience of their clients and ensuring that they are able to:

  • assess the impacts on their specific businesses
  • adopt/implement targeted mitigation strategies
  • implement adaptation measures and strategies to manage climate risks
  • seize the emerging business opportunities derived by climate change

AI Climate Resilience

from the sky

Our API helps decision makers manage financial, economic and social impact of natural catastrophes, with satellite data and cutting-edge proprietary ML algorithms.

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Discover how Eoliann helps businesses make informed, data-driven decisions to reduce the physical climate risk exposure of their assets.

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