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Product Owner

LAST EDITED DATE: November 22, 2022

Your responsibilities as a Product Owner

Leverage your value-driven mindset to build and maintain a clear product vision and roadmap to align internal team and external stakeholders on the same path and keep the focus on what to build next and why.


  • Previous Experience as PO for Digital Products or in the Fintech Sector
  • Strong communication, organizational and analytical skills.
  • Strong prioritization skills: you can devise the best way to prioritize items based on client and team needs

Nice to have:

  • Experience in and/or comfortable with the rapidly changing dynamics of a start-up environment
  • Product Owner Certification
  • Deep understanding of Insurance and/or Banking Risk Assessment processes

What will you do:

  • Live and breathe the culture of Agility, fully embracing the core values and principles.
  • Build and share a product vision and strategy for the tech team through on-point prioritization and clarification.
  • Prioritization: you constantly collect and analyze information related to emergent customer behaviors and needs, profit drivers, strategic customers, business risks and any other factor that could help you in making business value-driven decisions.
  • While focusing on prioritization, you act as a connector, not as an intermediary, you encourage and help the team members to enter into a direct conversation with true users and customers for clarification.
  • Clarification: you analyze users behaviors to have a perfect understanding of their user experience so that you can translate it into meaningful and clear items for the squads to work on.
  • Continuously learn about market trends, technologies and competitors.
  • Groom and nourish the Product Backlog, prioritizing the items effectively and balancing them for short-term business-valuable product increment, mid-term opportunities to be seized and long-term problems to be prepared for.
  • Make sure that the Product Backlog is visible, transparent, and clear to all.
  • Attend and guide the Sprint Planning and collaborate with the team members to select the items each squad will work on during the next sprint
  • Attend and guide the Product Backlog Refinement to increase shared understanding and exploiting coordination opportunities.
  • Attend the Sprint Review and make sure that suitable stakeholders join to contribute the information needed for effective inspection and adaptation.
  • Coordinate constantly with the other members of the team to eliminate roadblocks and evolving systems and practices to support Lean-Agile development throughout the whole organization.

You are a great product owner for us if you are a…

  • Business value driver: All decisions and trade-offs about what to do next are made through considering which alternative gives the most business value in the short term.
  • Daily decision maker: Be fully present with the team to engage in conversation and make decisions as they arise so that the team can move forward unimpeded.
  • Vision keeper: Keep the big picture of the product in the team’s sight, and direct them toward it each sprint.
  • Customer Connoisseur: Focus on learning the customers real problems, immersing yourself completely in their own perspective to make sure you can address them effectively.
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